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Pilgrim Talks: Stu Heinecke and Will Crist (on Customer Service)

May 11th, 2011

Stu Heinecke

Cartoon Link

Stu Heinecke, Master Cartooner and CEO of CartoonLink

Are you looking for a magic bullet to make your campaigns, projects, presentations -- even your job searches more effective?

We humbly suggest you considering using cartoons. They're the best-read and remembered part of magazines and newspapers, and we have been using them for the past thirty years to produce stunning, record-breaking campaigns for some of the biggest marketers in the world. You can learn all about how we did that in CartoonLink Founder and President Stu Heinecke's new book, Drawing Attention, which is available on iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Google Books and in PDF format to read on your PC.

We've set many records for the world's biggest marketers using personalized cartoons as the engine driving response, but that doesn't mean you have to be a big business to afford what we do. Our membership programs are actually geared to individuals and small business owners, while we offer a few special programs for medium and large businesses, too.

Do you want higher response rates to your direct and e-mail marketing campaigns? CartoonLink offers two programs designed to help you put the magic of cartoons to work in your monthly campaigns -- the CartoonLink Postcard Program and the CartoonLink e-Mail Marketer Program.

Are you involved in selling or business development for your company? Our CartoonLink BigBoards™ and BigBoards Enterprise programs can help you or your entire sales staff break through to VIP prospects in -- quite literally -- a very big way. Based on our own campaigns that have put us in touch with Presidents, Prime Ministers, celebrities and CEOs, our BigBoards programs will help you step into the world of contact campaigning, where response rates have already climbed to 100% and ROI figures to 100,000%.

You can use our personalized cartoons in presentations through our Presentations program. And if you're not quite ready to join any of our marketing programs, you can still join our CartoonLink Members program to stay in touch through a monthly newsletter and webinar -- and use our cartoons in one-at-a-time e-mail correspondence, for personal or business use.

If you are a large mailer, we are available for custom assignments. The CartoonLink program is based on nearly 30 years and millions of dollars worth of utterly unduplicated test experience, and a long track record of record-breaking campaigns for the world's biggest direct marketers, including subscriber acquisition, renewals, awareness/trial, drip and nonprofit/donor acquisition campaigns.

So, welcome to CartoonLink. Join us! To learn more about CartoonLink, go to cartoonlink.com

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