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Pilgrim Talks: Michael Sawitz, CEO of FastStart.studio

September 5th, 2012

Michael Sawitz FastStart.studio

Michael Sawitz CEO

According to the Gallup There are 6 million companies in the United States. Fewer than 25,000 of those companies have over 100 employees. 99% of the 6 million companies in the United States employee fewer than 100 people.

Imagine the effect on our economy if only 10% of those companies added one person to the payroll in the next 90 days.

Michael and I will be talking about the obstacles to new job creation in Southern California in the near term and how to address those obstacles.

Join us for the continuation of a great conversation.

FastStart.studio's GOAL

Our goal is to put Americans back to work by assisting entrepreneurs in launching their companies. These new companies will employ workers, grow networks of suppliers and ultimately generate new revenues that will benefit our communities.

America is built on a foundation of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. FastStart.studio will play a role in assisting entrepreneurs to build a better America through enterprise and innovation.

The Program

Through a selection process start-ups and early stage companies are invited to take part in the FastStart.studio Accelerator Program. These business are given office space, support services (such as; phone, conference rooms, Wi-Fi and wired connectivity) mentors and access to a host of subject matter experts.

The FastStart.studio Accelerator Program is designed to surround each start-up or early stage entrepreneur with consulting and resources focused on bringing the new company to the marketplace within a maximum of one year.

In exchange for services received the newly launched company pledges to repay FastStart.studio when the new company starts to produce revenues, much like a student loan. Should the new company not launch or fail to generate revenue, no fee is owed to FastStart.studio

"If you are not successful, we are not successful."
Michael Sawitz, CEO and Founder

For more information about FastStart.studio visit: faststartstudio.com

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