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Pilgrim Talks: Mark Babbitt and Bill Washburn (6/16/10)

June 16th, 2010

Mark Babbitt YouTern

Mark Babbitt, Founder, YouTern.com

For those entering the workforce, internships are no longer optional.

In our “new” economy, 45% of young adults under 25 remain unemployed. And in 2010, 80% of graduates do not expect to have a job soon after graduation – up dramatically from just 49% the year before.

Without jobs waiting for them, students must plan their career paths years in advance – a career-relevant internship is the key to success. And for good reason: 9 out of 10 direct-from-college jobs will go to students with experiential education on their resumes.

At YouTern, we connect emerging talent to entrepreneurial driven companies through internships. With YouTern, intern candidates have a choice: the “coffee and copy” dash at large corporations... Or, the YouTern opportunity. To see more about YouTern, go to www.youtern.com.To see their initial launch press release, go to www.youtern.com/cm/press_release

Bill Washburn BMIC.org

Bill Washburn, Founder, Berkeley Mobile International Collaborative

The evolution of the mobile marketplace is transforming the mobile tech ecosystem around the globe. As we enter this new decade, what will follow is a period of unprecedented economic growth in mobile software.

Because of these developments, a group at Berkeley started pursuing a vision of enabling universities and mobile telephony companies around the globe to collaborate on tapping into the energy and enthusiasm of students by encouraging them to become mobile applications entrepreneurs. Mobile applications are a global phenomenon and they offer clear, real world incentives for students. These young people are poised to become the next generation of entrepreneurs, developers, technology leaders and visionaries. To make mobile applications innovation and entrepreneurship happen, the mobile industry needs to collaborate with and support mobile technology entrepreneurship in the curriculum and extra-curriculum of all of the world’s major universities. By attracting and inspiring students, there is a significant opportunity for universities and mobile companies across the globe to collaborate through innovation. To see more about BMIC, go to www.bmic.org

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