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Pilgrim Talks: Jay Adams and Frank Verrill

February 9th, 2011


Jay Adams, Founder and CEO

MakesBridge Technology was founded in 2001 in a highly pragmatic post-dot-com business environment. The company was established and built upon a single-minded approach to what we wanted to provide our customers  - The absolute best combination of service, software, and partner-relationship atmosphere. Bar none. The lofty objective seems to have worked.

Now, thanks to customers we dearly appreciate, the sun does not set on our operation. MakesBridge Technology has employees around the world. We work hard and question ourselves around the clock about how we may deliver a better product for customers. We want to be perfect and will never be satisfied - and this fuels our culture of curiosity and creativity.

What We Do

We develop and publish a suite of online marketing and sales software products. We've been on the cloud since inception.

Our Values

We focus on quality, not quantity. Since we're privately held and profitable, we make decisions based on delivering  value to our customers.

We perceive our customers as investors who deserve a high return on the money and effort spent on our tools.

Show sincere respect for self, individuals, customers and competitors. Earn and expect the same.

"No Contracts, No High Price".  Allow customers to fire us at any time to maintain a healthy edge. Deliver results for a low cost.

To learn more about MakesBridge, go to MakesBridge.com


Frank Verrill, Founder and CEO

For the first time ever, you can send real mail in real time, from your desktop or mobile device via your CRM. Cloud2Mail is the patented new technology that sends high quality letters, greeting cards, brochures and more to anyone from anywhere, just one at a time!

We know mail. We mailed just under a billion pieces last year alone. In fact, we have the USPS within our facility. We're experienced direct marketers. Since the 1980's we have been providing powerful marketing programs and turnkey solutions for our clients.

Cloud2You can be implemented in a few ways: via Salesforce.com. via daily file transfer or via API interface.

Cloud2You is a free download on the Salesforce.com Appexchange.

To learn more about Cloud2You, go to Cloud2You.com

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