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Pilgrim Talks: Bruce Rossiter and Andreas Ramos

July 25th, 2012

Bruce Rossiter Andreas Ramos
Bruce Rossiter              Andreas Ramos
Founder and CEO of Value Court

Have you ever wished for a reliable, economically rational alternative to traditional forums for contract dispute resolution - one that truly cuts outside legal bills and loss of productive time to a predictable fraction of what you otherwise face? Value Court does just that.

Using a fixed-fee, judge-driven, non-adversarial method (i.e., without the need for litigation counsel), our innovative neutral service delivers timely, affordable justice in everyday business and contract disputes where the financial stakes simply don't warrant the many costs of advocacy.

Value Court delivers binding resolutions in one of two ways:
  • Zoom Court: A streamlined, online format, principally where each side is represented by counsel.
  • Value Court: A streamlined, online format, principally where each side is notrepresented by counsel, but tells their own story to the neutra arbitrator. Since attorney's fees typically represent up to 90% of the costs of resolution, huge savings are inherent in the Value Court's process.

In both cases, the mutually approved neutral (e.g., retired judge) conducts an investigation and renders a decision. The parties can chose whether the decision is to be binding or not. And the decision can be appealed in traditional court.

Bruce Rossiter has more than 35 years in sales, corporate finance, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. As President and CEO, he is responsible for establishing Zoom's strategic direction and championing its portfolio companies' and clients' best interests. He is also the former president of Just Resolve  and current president of ValueCourt which offers fixed fee, attorney free, judicial quality dispute resolution services. He is a former Board member of the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association and chaired its Emerging Media Morning Forum.
Bruce earned his Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from Tuck at Dartmouth. He holds certifications from the National Venture Capital Association's Executive Venture Capital Course, Harvard Business School, and SMM University as a Social Media Strategist.
To learn more about Zoom Industries and Value Court, contact Bruce Rossiter.


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