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Entries from July 2012

Pilgrim Talks: Bruce Rossiter and Andreas Ramos

July 25th, 2012 · Comments

Bruce Rossiter Andreas Ramos
Bruce Rossiter              Andreas Ramos
Founder and CEO of Value Court

Have you ever wished for a reliable, economically rational alternative to traditional forums for contract dispute resolution - one that truly cuts outside legal bills and loss of productive time to a predictable fraction of what you otherwise face? Value Court does just that.

Using a fixed-fee, judge-driven, non-adversarial method (i.e., without the need for litigation counsel), our innovative neutral service delivers timely, affordable justice in everyday business and contract disputes where the financial stakes simply don't warrant the many costs of advocacy.

Value Court delivers binding resolutions in one of two ways:
  • Zoom Court: A streamlined, online format, principally where each side is represented by counsel.
  • Value Court: A streamlined, online format, principally where each side is notrepresented by counsel, but tells their own story to the neutra arbitrator. Since attorney's fees typically represent up to 90% of the costs of resolution, huge savings are inherent in the Value Court's process.

In both cases, the mutually approved neutral (e.g., retired judge) conducts an investigation and renders a decision. The parties can chose whether the decision is to be binding or not. And the decision can be appealed in traditional court.

Bruce Rossiter has more than 35 years in sales, corporate finance, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. As President and CEO, he is responsible for establishing Zoom's strategic direction and championing its portfolio companies' and clients' best interests. He is also the former president of Just Resolve  and current president of ValueCourt which offers fixed fee, attorney free, judicial quality dispute resolution services. He is a former Board member of the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association and chaired its Emerging Media Morning Forum.
Bruce earned his Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from Tuck at Dartmouth. He holds certifications from the National Venture Capital Association's Executive Venture Capital Course, Harvard Business School, and SMM University as a Social Media Strategist.
To learn more about Zoom Industries and Value Court, contact Bruce Rossiter.


Want to learn about Crowdfunding? Invite Will Crist (949-355-6013) to speak about it at your organization or meeting.

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Pilgrim Talks: Scott Miller, CSO of Social123

July 18th, 2012 · Comments

Social123 Scott Miller Scott Miller Chief Sales Officer

Social123 gives your sales team the tools to connect with contacts on a whole new level. Our robust SocialData+ technology provides Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter information for your contact list. And, with the only customizable social influence score on the market, SocialPoints+ gives you the ability to rank your most influential contacts so you can focus on the ones who matter most.


Social123 offers one the most powerful and intelligent tools for extracting value from Social Data.

The amount of data and content that Internet users are creating and sharing through Social Media is expanding by the hour.

Social123 offers the best tools for collecting, filtering and analyzing this rich source of data. Social Data is more complicated to process and analyze because it is unstructured.

Social123 is designed for all types of businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Social123 has been built specifically to process volumes of this unstructured data and derive value from it.

To learn more about Social123, go to social123.com


Want to learn about Crowdfunding? Invite Will Crist (949-355-6013) to speak about it at your organization or meeting.

Crowdfunding Bootcamp

To learn more about Crowdfunding Bootcamp go toCrowdfunding Bootcamp

To learn more about Crowdfunding Roadmap go to crowdfundingroadmap.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Ruth Hedges, Founder and CEO of CrowdfundingRoadmap.com

July 11th, 2012 · Comments

Crowdfunding Roadmap

Ruth Hedges

Ruth Hedges, CEO and Founder

Since the signing of the Jobs Act on April 5th, demand for information and clarity on issuer compliance rules has skyrocketed. Entrepreneurs and startups want to know what steps they should be taking now to successfully launch a compliant crowdfund investing campaign.

The launch of http://www.crowdfundingroadmap.com is the perfect place to get quick answers and easy solutions to help them get started now.

"After working with Startup Exemption's Sherwood Neiss, Jason Best, Zak Cassady and many others to help get the Jobs Act passed, and after seeing the final disclosure requirements that were written into the law for the issuers, it was clear that most people would not be able to do this entirely on their own and would need help," said Ruth Hedges CEO and creator of the Funding Roadmap and CrowdfundingRoadmap.

"Since crowdfund investing is a major change in the way startup capital is raised and the rate at which companies are launched and expanded, it's vital that we start raising awareness now and begin to prepare entrepreneurs ahead of time.

I realized that many may need to become incorporated, they may need assistance from an accountant (since the bill requires certified and audited financial statements for different levels of fund raising), and they would definitely all need to begin to create the lengthily materiel spelled out in the bill in a easy and inexpensive way. Our Funding Roadmap business plan and due diligence reporting system on the cloud is the perfect solution. A partnership between Funding Roadmap, Laughlin Associates, and 1-800 Accountant was created andhttp://www.crowdfundingroadmap.com was born."

CrowdFunding Roadmap provides easy and secure multiple choice question prompts that effortlessly walk you through every detail of a plan for your business and the due diligence reporting process applicable for Equity CrowdFunding on the cloud. Includes a video elevator pitch feature and secure document repository, so you can present both a comprehensive profile of your business as well as your personal vision of its future. Share your presentation 24 / 7 in-the-clouds to potential, investors, lenders and partners, and it can even be used to apply for a FEMA/ SBA disaster loan. Keep it current for the everyday guidance of your business and the yearly reporting requirements of the SEC for Equity Crowdfunding and it will save you months of time, money, and frustration while increasing your chances of getting funded faster.

Do you want to start a crowdfunding campaign? Have you ever wondered if you have a good enough idea or the determination it takes to launch a business and get the crowd to support your idea?

Come and hear the fascinating and inspiring tales of how some of today's hottest companies got their start through crowdfunding and how you can too! Get inspiration and invaluable information right from the experts and industry leaders of this new and emerging way of raising capital. Truly an experience you won't find anywhere else.

You have a very short window of time to run a crowdfund campaign, so preparation to be compliant, to build social capital and creative capital will lead you on the road to "Access Capital". Learn how at this amazing Bootcamp where you can fine-tune your presentation with the help & assistance of industry experts.

Crowdfunding Bootcamp

To learn more about Crowdfunding Bootcamp go to Crowdfunding Bootcamp

To learn more about Crowdfunding Roadmap go to crowdfundingroadmap.com

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