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Pilgrim Talks: Betsy Chasse - Filmmaker

June 27th, 2012 · Comments

Betsy Chasse
Betsy Chasse


What the Bleep
Mom, Filmmaker, Author, Radio host and Blogger. Co-Creator of the hit film "What The Bleep Do We Know?!".

Betsy Chasse is an internationally known filmmaker, author and speaker. She's funny, irreverent and thoughtful in her exploration of all things spiritual.

She believes "if we aren't laughing we aren't growing and learning."

In her blog and radio interviews, Betsy explores the ever expanding world of spirituality . She asks "What is spirituality?" "How does this fit into my everyday life?"

Betsy's latest project is a new movie, "Killing the Buddha" which she is funding via the crowdfunding site: www.crowdfundinglive.com

Killing Buddha - A Film by Betsy Chasse
Killing Buddha

A Film by Betsy Chasse

Betsy says: So often we find ourselves waking up one day with no idea where we are and how we got here. We look back on all our experiences, what we've learned along the way and wonder what it all means. What still works and what doesn't.  How do we fit all this information about the world, reality and spirituality into our life and still buy groceries, get the kids to school and maybe fit in a yoga class.  It seems that everyday there is some new spiritual fad and we feel overwhelmed by it all.

On her site: Life Unscripted with Betsy Chasse, she explores everything from Channels to Taoism, from Ancient Mysticism to modern day mystics, authors, filmmakers, and everyday people living and exploring all things "spiritual", her show promises to ask them all these questions and more. Her goal is to explain the mystery without losing the magic, to forge a spiritual path for her life and maybe help others along the way.

To learn more about Betsy Chasse and her projects, go to betsychasse.net

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Pilgrim Talks: Howard Leonhardt - Founder and CEO of CalstockExchange.com

June 13th, 2012 · Comments

California Stock Exchange

Howard Leonhardt

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Howard Leonhardt is an inventor and serial entrepreneur.  He has 21 patents for products for treating cardiovascular and heart disease.  These include;  cardiovascular balloon catheters, stent grafts for aneurysm repair, percutaneous heart valves, heart pacemakers with stem cell recruiting capabilities, electrical stimulation devices for promoting blood flow, electrical stimulation device for converting stem cells to heart muscle, stem cell compositions for heart repair, stem cell delivery systems, biological pacemakers and artificial lung catheter.  His TALENT stent graft developed in the early 1990's holds a leading world market share for repairing aortic aneurysms without surgery.  In early 1999 Leonhardt founded Bioheart, Inc. www.bioheartinc.com a leader in applying adult muscle stem cells to treat heart failure.  Bioheart has raised over $105 million in paid in capital and additionally $40 million in loans and grants. Bioheart MyoCell is in Phase II/III clinical trials at 33 leading centers in the USA (The MARVEL Study).  MARVEL Part I results were published in the American Heart Journal October of 2011 and demonstrated Bioheart MyoCell patients improved 95.7 meters in exercise capacity over placebo patients receiving optimal CHF drugs, whom declined minus 4 meters.

Leonhardt has founded 21 companies to date, most them them majority funded by his venture firm Leonhardt Ventures www.leonhardtventures.com,  and their affiliated angel investor network - see web site for full portfolio.  He holds a diploma in International Trade from Anoka Technical College in Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended Anoka-Ramsey College and the University of Minnesota.  He has received an honorary Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Northern California and is an honorary alumnus of the University of Florida and Florida International University, where he has served both as a consulting professor teaching entrepreneurship.  He continues to serve on various boards of all three universities.  He has lectured on entrepreneurship at Princeton University, UCLA, the University of Minnesota and at numerous other campuses.

The Enormous Implications of Crowdfunding

We are about to experience the grandest expression of human creativity and economic growth ever seen in the history of human civilization. Innovative breakthroughs that took decades to create, fund, develop and bring to market will now take mere months. New ideas will be free market tested earlier in their development cycle and discarded or funded at a faster rate. The old innovators mantra of try a lot of stuff and keep what works will be applied at hyper speed rates.

It is universal amongst mankind that right after the health and security of their family what is most sought is a good job. Crowdfunding creates jobs.
Crowdfunding is human will expressed in pure form. A person with a vision becomes a dream funded on a mission. It is the explosive combination of democracy and free market capitalism. It's democracy and capitalism in action: think you have a great idea? Convince enough people and you can make it a reality. If not, back to the drawing board. It allows new ideas to get funded and to be free market tested at a lower cost, with less complexity, in less time than ever before. Experimentation has now become possible for millions that were previously excluded from having any chance for their idea to be tried. I am confident that this simple breakthrough socio-economic tool is about to herald in mankind's greatest era.
Every human has a need to feel a part of some great cause and rewarding project. The greatest tragedy of this recession is not the toll on all our bank accounts it is the toll on the human spirit. Crowdfunding is about to be the spark that energizes people to follow their dreams, and to join others that they believe in, to pursue a cause worthy of pursuing. Now more than ever we crave something to believe in, something to support, a reason to care.
A case can be made that the real cause of this worldwide recession is a lost of confidence in these five major forms...
  • Loss of consumer confidence to buy things.
  • Loss of investor confidence to invest.
  • Loss of business confidence to buy and hire for growth.
  • Loss of bank confidence to make loans to businesses.
  • Loss of availability of credit to potential buyers
We believe crowdfunding can be the spark that ignites growing confidence in all five of these essential areas. When people are given the opportunity to pursue their dreams they light up the world around them with enthusiasm, which leads to accomplishment, gratitude and increased confidence.

To learn more about the California Stock Exchangego to calstockexchange.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Aggie Kobrin

June 9th, 2012 · Comments


CrowdFundingLIVE Introduction to Crowdfunding
CrowdFundingLIVE Introduction to Crowdfunding

Aggie Kobrin Founder

Crowdfunding is taking the world by storm, as people seek funding for their passion-driven projects. Yet, more than half of the people who opt for crowdfunding fail to reach their goal by the end of the campaign and walk away with nothing. What's missing is education about crowdfunding, to help people guide their crowdfunding projects to success.

That's where CrowdFunding LIVE (www.CrowdFundingLIVE.com) comes in. CrowdFunding LIVE is an all-day educational and networking event on Saturday, June 9, 2012 at the Radisson Hotel LAX. Attendees will meet industry experts and gain valuable pointers on funding from well-known crowdfunding success stories, such as Nick Lewis, who raised nearly $250,000 for the film Rise and Shine.

CrowdFunding LIVE projects include the latest by Betsy Chasse, co-writer, director and producer of the popular film What the Bleep Do We Know? Her crowdfunding project is Killing Buddha, a comedy inspired by Chasse's life and her experience making What the Bleep?

Crowdfunding is a way to get small amounts of money from a large number of people to fund a project. People worldwide are using crowdfunding to raise money for films, books and technology products development. CrowdFunding LIVE was founded by three women as their own passion project. Their goal is to bring more crowdfunding to women-owned projects and concepts that focus on women. The site certainly accepts projects founded by men, but that is not the focus.
"Women own 48 percent of the small businesses in the U.S., yet only 5 percent of traditional funding goes to them. Even with crowdfunding, more than half the projects fail to gain traction, so we decided to bring experts, successful crowdfunders and those hoping for funding together on one day to discuss how to set up a powerful and ultimately successful crowdfunding pitch," says CrowdFunding LIVE co-founder Aggie Kobrin. "If you have a good idea you have not been successful raising money, come learn how crowdfunding can help you get the money you need." CrowdFunding LIVE has achieved certification from Crowdsourcing.org and is the female voice on the National Crowdfunding Association. People interested in posting a project on CrowdFundingLIVE.com should contact Aggie@CrowdFundingLIVE.com.

Purchase tickets for the event at www.CrowdFundingLIVE.com. The event is June 9, 2012 at the Radisson Hotel LAX, 6225 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Highlights include:

  • An overview of crowdfunding including creative, legal and financial aspects by Carl Esposti, and Glenn Weisberger. Esposti is  founder of  Crowdsourcing.org(www.crowdsourcing.org) and CEO of Massolution, which specializes in crowdsourcing solutions. Weisberger is cofounder of FunderThunder, a crowdfunding site.
  • The facts behind the crowdfunding business model and the market.
  • Q&A panel with successful fundraisers such as Nick Lewis, who raised $250,000 for his film on Kickstarter and Tiamo De Vettori, who raised $35,000.
  • The Next Steps - Marketing Your Website, with Kathy Clark of Internet Dominators.

The Women Behind CrowdFunding LIVE

CrowdFunding LIVE was founded in early 2012. After working together toward the first live event, longtime entrepreneurs Aggie Kobrin, Deb Augur and Debe Fennell decided to take the next logical step and start a full-fledged crowdfunding site to help "idea people" (especially women) get the funding they need to take their best ideas LIVE!

To learn more about CrowdFundinggo to CrowdFundingLIVE.com

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