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Entries from February 2012

Pilgrim Talks: Ron Williams, CEO of Talon Executive Services

February 29th, 2012 · Comments

Ron Williams


Dedicating 22 years to the United States Secret Service, Ron Williams had the opportunity to work and supervise all divisions of the SS Treasury department in the Los Angeles Field Office. Gaining a wealth of security expertise and a highly regarded reputation within Federal Law Enforcement, Mr. Williams decided to start Talon Executive Services, Inc., a corporate security and investigations company. As a Secret Service Agent, Mr. Williams supervised the credit card and financial fraud squad, the counterfeit squad, and the elite Counter Assault Team (CAT) to combat terrorism. As the Lead Advance Agent, Mr. Williams was responsible for all advance security plans and logistics coordination for Presidential, Vice Presidential, and foreign heads-of-state visits to Los Angeles. He personally protected Presidents Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, as well as such noted dignitaries as Queen Elizabeth, Yitzhak Shamir, and Pope John Paul and was the recipient of numerous awards including the United States Secret Service Director's Award for Special Achievement on eight occasions.

Focusing on the company he founded in 1994, Talon Executive Services, Inc., Mr. Williams has created a highly advanced team of former Secret Service and F.B.I. agents as well as other federal, state and local law enforcement officers. Threat assessment and physical site surveys performed by Talon include venues such as public transportation, entertainment and pharmaceutical. As a RAM-w certified agent, he performs threat assessments and develops remedial measures for water districts, identified as one of the nation's critical infrastructures. Because of his expertise in the field of anti-terrorism, Mr. Williams was asked by the California Gubernatorial delegation in 2002, to meet with Tom Ridge regarding homeland security.

His association with AFAUSSS (Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service), ASIS (American Society of Industry Security), ATAP (Association of Threat Assessment Professionals) American Water Works Association (AWWA) Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) to name a few, keeps him abreast of all matters involving security and threat assessment. He is also an active member of the FBI's InfraGard program, U.S. State Department Overseas Advisory Council (OSAC) and OCPST (Orange County Private Sector Terrorist Response). Mr. Williams frequently appears on Fox News Channel as well as other national shows as a security analyst and terrorism expert. He was also the keynote speaker at the 1999 Alabama Governor's Conference on Violence in the Workplace Prevention, has made presentations to the California Association of Water Agencies which included a White Paper, and continues to educate organizations on various security issues through specialized seminars and training.

To learn more about Talon Executive Services, go to talonexec.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Michael Luckman

February 15th, 2012 · Comments


Michael Luckman

With forty plus years as a salesperson, marketing pioneer, entrepreneur and sales trainer, Michael Luckman is today, a successful and dynamic speaker, trainer and coach. In Overpowering Fear he opens up his life and the lessons learned to help his readers uncover their own fear blocks and overpower them, in order to enjoy lives filled with confidence, success and abundance.

Overpowering Fear is Michael’s real world journey through a career filled with amazing achievements – including the launch of the first electronic toy and inventions like the cartridge video game system, the electronic keyboard and the see-through advertising product seen on vehicle wraps. Michael also “gets real” about the personal defeats that came when fear, uncertainty and doubt clouded even one of the brightest minds in business.

In working with and training thousands of salespeople, Michael came to the conclusion that those who reach the top in sales are those who have learned to overpower their fears and do whatever is necessary to gain the business. While those we would consider average salespeople succumb to their fears and will do only those things that fall within their comfort zones.

Unlike psychologists and other scientists who approach the topic of fear from an arm’s length or academic perspective, Michael peels back the cover on his own life. With astonishing honesty and impressive insight, he exposes painful, emotional events that began in childhood and continued to dog him as he rose in the business world.

Told with humor as well as deep personal truth, Michael’s life story and his “Luckman’s Laws” help readers take an equally brave and fruitful look at their own journeys. They will be delighted to find ten exercises at the end of the book that Michael created to help them find the causes and cures for their own fears. Readers will also learn how to identify goals they want to see materialize in their lives, understand what dreams they have been afraid to realize and be able to create a roadmap to a fantastic future.

This is a hugely important book because it alone examines the earliest origins of fear, a complex and defeating emotion, from a very personal and relatable perspective. Fear is present in every occupation and in every stage of life, so much so that it is a virtual epidemic affecting almost everyone at any time.

To see more about Michael Luckman and his book, go to michael-luckman.com.

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Pilgrim Talks: Michael Saddik - AnaTango

February 8th, 2012 · Comments

Anatango Michael Zaddik

Michael Saddik CEO

Michael Saddik is an established senior executive with over 20 years of experience in sales and technology. Formally the Executive Vice-President of Concerro, a healthcare Software-as-a-Service company, Saddik later co-founded his own start-up tech company, AnaTango, which specializes in cloud-based software applications and services. Saddik holds an MBA from Pepperdine University with an emphasis in Executive Leadership; and currently serves as a Board Member for The Lupus Foundation of Northern California, a non-profit organization which promotes lupus awareness.

His company, AnaTango, has quickly established itself as a business solution provider which enables their customer base to maximize their operations, while minimizing their total cost of ownership. Saddik and his team of business management experts have empowered organizations to do business their way while speaking a common business language.  Currently, "The AnaTango Business Diamond", (Saddik's business solution to the market today) consists of four distinct services: AnaTango Cloud, AnaTango Consult, AnaTango Connect, and AnaTango Apps. The Cloud and Consult services being the two most popular services offered.

AnaTango Business Management Suite

"AnaTango Cloud" is AnaTango's software solution which allows organizations small and large to implement, deploy, and manage their strategy with visible accountability.  AnaTango Cloud products are designed to empower business leaders with all of the tools required to create and execute the simplest to the most complex operational processes and strategic plans. It embraces the over-arching CEO view intertwined with a systems engineering and detail- oriented approach that allows the user the impressive ability to model a process or develop a strategic plan, as well as a seasoned executive does.

Whether the process, structure, or model is a SWOT (OTSW), KPI, TOC, Feasibility Study, Risk Control or models that exist today, or even something that you invent, Anavation lets you construct it, and integrate it within the bigger picture.
"AnaTango Consult", Saddik's latest creation, allows organizations help with: Strategy Deployment, Operational Excellence, Infrastructure Efficiency, Shareholder Return, Profitable Growth, Customer Metrics, & Financial Consistency, and lastly: Branding and Marketing: via: Internet websites, Social Media, other Media outlets.
To learn more about AnaTango, go to anatango.com

Sandler Training

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Pilgrim Talks: Larry Sidoti - Yogurtland

February 1st, 2012 · Comments

Yogurtlandlarry sidoti

Larry Sidoti, Vice President of Development and Operations

Yogurtland is pioneering the customer-created frozen yogurt experience by combining irresistible yogurt flavors with an exciting franchise business model.

Yogurtland stores feature 16 original sweet and tart flavors of self-serve frozen yogurt from a rotating menu of more than 50 selections that include both classic and exotic flavors, including no sugar added choices. Customers become the architect of their frozen yogurt creation by mixing and combining flavors and topping their yogurt with a choice of over 35 toppings that include fresh fruits, nuts, cereals, candy and much more. Price is determined by the total weight of the customer's cup.

The company's structure and culture is built around continuous improvement and operational excellence, supported by top-level training programs reinforced by continuous franchisee support.

Yogurtland is recognized as a leader in the self-serve frozen yogurt sector. Its combination of premium quality products, superior service, attractively designed stores and vast selection of flavors and toppings in a self-service environment set Yogurtland apart from any other frozen yogurt concept.

Founded by Phillip Chang, Yogurtland opened its first location in Fullerton, Calif., in 2006. In its first year, Yogurtland served more than 25,000 customers each month. Prior to founding Yogurtland, Chang founded, developed and launched Boba Loca in 2001, a 33-store specialty drink chain in Southern California that serves Boba Tea or bubble tea, a refreshing Asian beverage, as well as a variety of other drinks.

Yogurtland has over 170 locations throughout the Unites States, Mexico and Guam. The company expects to have 75 additional locations either open or in development by the end of 2011, expanding to more than 1,000 total locations by the end of 2017.

The focus will be on expanding existing markets in Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin), Atlanta, Portland, Seattle and the Tri-State Area surrounding New York City. Targeted new markets include Chicago, Ill., Alabama, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. International growth is also on the radar. The company currently has two locations on Guam and 23 stores in Mexico. An additional 10 stores are planned for Mexico in 2012 as well as a location in Puerto Rico, slated to open later this year. Furthermore,Yogurtland will open four units in Venezuela in 2012.

To learn more about Yogurtland, go to yogurt-land.com

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