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Entries from November 2010

Pilgrim Talks: Matt Stowe and Steve Rabago (11/17/10)

November 17th, 2010 · Comments


Matt Stowe, Vice President

OctoClean, a privately held company, is one of Southern California's leading providers of janitorial and building maintenance services, with approximately $3.7 million in annual revenues. OctoClean provides a full range of service to a large number of industry types. Through an extensive network of expertly trained Franchise Owners, OctoClean has created a company that delivers relevant service to office, building and property managers.

OctoClean is transforming the janitorial industry one customer at a time. With offices in Orange, San Diego and Riverside Counties, we are centrally located to you for convenience, unprecedented consistent quality services and response time to your needs and requests. We offer comprehensive cleaning services for all types of facilities and specialize in tailoring your need to programs. You talk and we listen. Together we can take any size or type of facility and create success. Our franchise owners are tediously selected, meticulously trained and constantly supported to ensure your satisfaction with the program that has been created for your facility.

To learn more about OctoClean, go to octoclean.com


Steve Rabago, Founder and CEO

ZimpleMoney is a social finance community that connects people with common financial interests, and provides online tools for managing financial relationships in a socially networked environment.

Zimply put, ZimpleMoney takes the headache out of tracking and monitoring private financial agreements- loan documents, payment processing, direct deposits, reminder emails, as well as gift and tax reporting—all in a social network so you can easily keep everyone up to date and informed.

Benefits of ZimpleMoney:

  • Convenient direct deposits to your bank account
  • Connect with friends and family to borrow or lend money
  • Easily track private and personal financial agreements
  • Safely and securely have payments deposited into your account without the risk of mail box theft or worse - identity theft
  • Automatically email bills and payment reminders
  • Record payments and use to create gift and tax reports Low cost way to automate billing and collection of rental payments and settlements

To see more about ZimpleMoney go to zimplemoney.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Reddy Marri and Cliff Vazquez (11/03/10)

November 3rd, 2010 · Comments


Reddy Marri, President, and Clifford Vazquez, CTO

Axxera is uniquely positioned to safeguard the electronic presence of today's corporations. Axxera provides Predictive and Real-Time intelligence based protection for our customers, using global threat intelligence from our intelligence sensors across the internet. This reputation based service, continually updates customers backbone routers with a personalized global threat list to prevent inbound and outbound connections to malware sources and botnet armies.

Axxera stops the most active botnets from spreading virus, spam, phishing, DDOS attacks and exploiting harvesting bots retroactively in your network. Intelligence based protection, and traffic redirection technologies help the proactive reaction to the cyber attack. Intelligence working together with software to protect your critical information assets.

To learn more about Axxera, go to www.axxera.com

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