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Pilgrim Talks: Stephen Pixley (9/29/10)

September 29th, 2010 · Comments

autocribSteve Pixley

Stephen Pixley, President of AUTOCRIB

In 1994, as President of an industrial distributor, Steve saw a need for manufacturing companies to control their indirect materials. In most cases, they had poor systems to track who was taking what. He also knew that a lot of time was spent looking for items that a worker needed to do his job. Steve set out to find a way to help companies control and deliver the tools and supplies that workers needed, where they were needed. He literally built the first industrial vending machines in his garage.

Since then, AutoCrib, Inc. has provided over 5,000 automated inventory control systems for manufacturing companies worldwide.

AutoCrib's mission is to help companies ensure secure access to the right item, ant the right places, at the right time while driving out waste and excess costs. Plants throughout the world have adopted AutoCrib systems as part of their best practices through "lean" and Six Sigma initiatives because of the significant cost savings and productivity improvements the systems consistently deliver.

The product live has evolved from the basic concept of "tool vending" into a wide variety of systems that assist companies in controlling tooling, gauges, safety & MRO supplies as well as other "indirect materials". Thinking lean has helped AutoCrib be quick to develop the widest breadth of point-of-use dispensing technology designed specifically for industry as well as the finest tool crib & stores inventory management software available.

To learn more about AUTOCRIB, go to www.autocrib.com.

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Pilgrim Talks: Kristen McAlister and Paul Roberts (9/22/10)

September 22nd, 2010 · Comments


Kristen McAlister, COO

Cerius Interim Executive Solutions is the leader in delivering interim executive management solutions with the innovation and speed that small to medium business needs to tackle their business opportunities or to mitigate risk.

Cerius leverages the skill and experience of its deep pool of Interim Executives, who bring the broadest array of industry and functional experience, to deliver best-in-class leadership on-demand to our customers.

To learn more about Cerius Interim Solutions, go to ceriusinterim.com


Paul Roberts, President

The Internet is all about "target marketing." It's finding your "niche" and telling people about it. Yet one of the best ways to carry on this conversation with your community of clients, customers, and potential prospects has yet to be fully explored: INTERNET RADIO. For while its adoption by the general public is growing by leaps and bounds, few people know how easy it is to actually host your own radio show on this revolutionary new "social medium" or what its benefits can be.
OC Talk Radio was created by a group of traditional marketers who realized that marketing is no longer a one way street. You can't just put up a billboard and hope people buy anymore. The Internet has changed all that.  Just as highways long ago bypassed regular streets and opened up new arteries for commerce to flow, so too has the "information super highway" found a way to "cut thru the clutter" of traditional advertising and open up a direct dialog with your community.  Need to find someone who imports Indian beer?  No problem.  Go online and instantly see who sells Golden Eagle lager.
To learn more about OC Talk Radio, go to octalkradio.net

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Pilgrim Talks: Barri Carian and Will Crist (9/15/10)

September 15th, 2010 · Comments

Barri Carian

Barri Carian, Carian Consulting

Over the past 30 years, Barri Carian has started up and led two successful entrepreneurial businesses and held executive positions in two Fortune 500 companies.  Barri has established herself as a skilled strategic and critical thinker.  She has expertise in all facets of operations and in building customer-focused and market-driven organizations.  Her extensive experience gives her the keen insight needed to grow revenues by increasing productivity, streamlining delivery systems and spearheading business development.

Barri has been consulting with business owners since 1998, helping them achieve clarity with company issues and developing practical solutions for growth.  She built a successful practice; Insync Partnership Services that helps troubled partnerships get back on track.  Barri also chairs a local business owner/CEO group for TEC International, the largest CEO membership organization in the world.

To learn more about Carian Consulting, go to www.carianconsulting.com


Will Crist, Pilgrim on the 405

The Pilgrim on the 405 has been watching businesses since he began working with his father at Valley Auto Supply in Edinburg, Texas when he was eight years old. His dad paid him 25¢ an hour to dust the shelves, and there were lots of shelves to be dusted.

From the 405, one of the busiest freeways in the world, the pilgrim watches the many businesses in SoCal. During the past 30 years he has often been asked in to help business owners and professonals rediscover, clarify and build upon their values, hopes and dreams.

Along his way, the pilgrim studied philosophy, theology, technical writing, business, motivation, sales processes, and Internet marketing. He is always surprised at how theological insights and business practices mesh to create stronger momentum.

After seminary at the Episcopal Theological School in Cambrige, Massachusetts, the pilgrim was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church and worked in congregations in the Diocese of West Texas. If you want to see what the pilgrim has done and where he has been after his professional start in 1974, check out the Pilgrim's Trail.

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Pilgrim Talks: Gary Kim and Bogdan Mosteanu & Bennie Lagos

September 8th, 2010 · Comments


Gary Kim, CEO of Codra Enterprises

Codra is made up of print experts. While companies are aware of cutting costs by printing overseas, the experience can often be perplexing and time-consuming.

With over 24 years of experience in overseas printing, Codra leverages its long-standing relationships with global manufacturing partners to bring you premium products at competitive prices. They have often helped their clients get the seemingly impossible task accomplished: quicker production times, complex concepts developed into samples, cost savings solutions and so on.

Codra goes to great lengths to provide clients with a positive, hassle-free experience. Their friendly, professional staff takes pride in serving clients attentively and thoroughly. Utilizing the team concept, they pool the strengths of their talented employees and collaborate to ensure that their client's many needs are covered. Their professionals are resourceful, are bilingual (Chinese and Korean), and have extensive technical knowledge of printing and product development.

To learn more about Codra Enterprises, click here: www.codra.com


Bogdan Mosteanu, VP Business Development, Susteen

Bennie Lagos, CSO, Susteen

Founded in 1992 in Southern California, Susteen Inc., is an international design solution provider, specializing in the area of data communications and mobile computing. Susteen strives to enhance data communications through multi-level applications, and to develop products that provide convenience to the client through technological innovations.

Susteen, Inc., is experiencing tremendous growth and expansion in various areas of research, development and engineering. From its birth, Susteen has forged an enviable record of successful product introductions in the fast paced disciplines of telecommunication, system design/integration, firmware, and software development for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Over the years, Susteen has developed various software and hardware products in collaboration with numerous, world-renowned international corporations. Susteen has expanded its scope to the global arena and currently has several projects underway. These projects are either built upon strategic alliances with distinguished corporate partners, or through Susteen's internal product development.

Susteen's core competencies consists in both hardware and software solutions for the wireless communication industry and consumer market, carefully designed, expanded and enhanced to provide excellent mobile experience to the end user.

To learn more about Susteen and DATAPILOT go to: www.susteen.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Mike Schmitt and Adam Beamish (9/1/10)

September 1st, 2010 · Comments

Mike Schmitt

Mike is currently working as an interim General Manager at several Southern California companies. We will be discussing what he sees the CEOs he is working with struggling to achieve on a day to day basis. He will talk about how he sees company leaders increasing revenue, reducing costs, retaining current clients, and developing their employees to meet the needs in the new marketplace. You can contact Mike at 714-834-0032.

Mark Beamish

Adam Beamish, CEO of Mark Beamish Waterproofing

Mark Beamish Waterproofing is a certified applicator of many of the systems belonging to the world's leading manufacturers in the trade. They offer competitive pricing and a large menu of services to the western United States, with locations in Anaheim, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego. Mark Beamish Waterproofing has become a leader in the industry by always keeping in mind that their pursuit goes beyond brick and mortar-to people with dreams of spectacular buildings. They have established a stellar reputation since our inception in 1981 by placing particular emphasis on creating truly satisfied customers.

One of their mottoes from John W. Gardner is:  "Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."

The values in the company culture are:

Quality: Exceeding customer requirements. Integrity: Keeping our promises. Responsibility: Taking ownership for our decisions and behaviors. Teamwork: Respectfully working together to achieve goals.

To learn more about Mark Beamish Waterproofing, go to markbeamish.com

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